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Steel Guardrail Systems
Wire Mesh Systems - Wire Fence Systems
With the strong team of our company, we manufacture the highway, bridge, overpass, underpass pedestrian guardrail systems and deliver them fast and safety to you on site
The production and installation of traffic signing and signing systems, which are vital for pedestrian and vehicle safety, is carried out by our expert team.

  • Hazard Warning Signs
  • Orientation Charts
  • Ban Plans
  • Operation Marking Plates
  • Information Sheets
Traffic Line Systems
Asphalt road lines and horizontal marking applications

  • Thermoplastic Paint Line Systems
  • Double-component Paint Line Systems
  • Cold Road Paint Line Systems

The need for pedestrian crossings has increased as a result of renewed and increasing number of roads. In order to meet this increasing need, our company is at your service with steel overpass systems.
Steel constructions, industrial constructions, factory constructions, special facilities, art works, wide span structures, roofs, parking lots, hangars, warehouses, special type designs are manufactured and assembled in accordance with international standards using state of the art equipments.
With the increasing traffic density and road in our country, there is a need for traffic signaling and signage systems that aim to meet both the vehicle and the traffic rules of the bows In this direction, our company manufactures and assembles all types of traffica information, warning signs in accordance with the regulations of the general directorate of highways.

The assembly of these systems, which are manufactured with care, is carried out in accordance with the rules of work safety by our expert team.

  • Hazard Warning Signs
  • Referral Charts
  • Ban Plans
  • Working Marking Charts
  • Knowledge Sheets
Wire fence systems are important elements that provide security systems.

  • High Security Wire Fence
  • Cage Type Wire Fence
  • Decorative Wire Fence Systems
  • Panel Type Wire Fence Systems

Guardrails systems, road barriers are important components of highways and traffic safety.

In countries with a dense road network, it is an important necessity to carry out road barriers in accordance with the standards in terms of life and property security. For this reason, our company carries out production in world standards with the design of automobile railing road barriers and the equipments used.

  • Performance based guardrails
  • Simple distance guardrail
  • Heavy duty guardrail
  • Concrete guardrail

Turkey has been started to apply performance based guardrail systems in accordance with the EN 1317 standards in the European Nations harmonization process. Moreover, systems that are lighter but higher in blocking level and narrower range are used.
Containment Class
EN-1317 Containment Level
Very High
H1 Type Guardrail
  • The application of H1 type performance-based guardrail systems.

H2 Type Guardrail
  • The application of H2 type performance-based guardrail systems.

H3 Type Guardrail
  • The application of H3 type performance-based guardrail systems.

H4 Type Guardrail
  • The application of H4 type performance-based guardrail systems.

Simple Distance Carriage

Heavy duty auto railing

Panel Fence

Panel fence is a wire mesh system that provides decorative, borderline and environmental safety. In addition to these it is a wire mesh model that can e used in every space thanks to its decorative appearance. It is easy to use and symetrical structure wire fence system that is resistant against natural phenomena

The reason for preference is the ease of installation, the durability and the most important is the elegant appearange. Wire coating is done with static paint on galvanized material. The coating used on the panel fence is static paint over electro galvanization.

It can be produced in all colors according to customer's request. The height is between 50 cm and 200 cm. double-wired, and metal clips are used for mounting.

Cage Fence Systems

Cage fence systems are a wire mesh system that ensures borderline environmental safety.

Our company is experienced in the supply and installation works of pedestrian guardrail systems suitable for the specifications of the General Directorate of Highways for the bridge structures on the highways. Security guardrails are used tosecure the safaty of pedestrians from scuttles on bridges, reinforcements and retaining walls. Installation of the road and bridge constructions.

Highway Type Pedestrian Fear

Decorative Pedestrian Fear

Pipe Type Pedestrian Fear

Stainless Pipe Type Pedestrian Fear
Apart from the bridge safety guardrails, we also do pedestrian guardrail works according to the technical specifications of the employers. Pedestal guardrail can be manufactured in different shapes depending on the demands of the customers.

Our company also builds pedestrian guard rails for road, reinforcement retaining walls, and other types of guardrails to meet the needs of our customers.

Galvanized Pipes Pedestrian scare

Wrought Iron Fear
Traffic line systems are very important in terms of ensuring traffic regulation along with traffic warning signs and informative signs. Our company is at your service with line application in our highways and with parking area line applications.

  • Thermoplastic Paint Line Systems
  • Dual Compenant Paint Line Systems
  • Cold Road Paint Line Systems
Steel construction overpass systems have many advantages over concrete construction. With the increasing number of renewed highways, the need for steel overpass systems has increased.

In order to meet the needs of our customers in the best possible way, our company carries out the installation of these systems with its professional staff.
Steel constructions, industrial constructions, factory constructions, special facilities, art works, wide span structures, roofs parking lots, hangars, warehouses, special type designs are manufactured and assembled in accordance with international standards using state of the art equipments.

Our company has been applying their projects in accordance with regulations and project requirements with its experienced assembly team in their field

  • Steel Factory Manufactures
  • Steel Bridge Manufacturing
  • Steel Roof Manufacturing
  • Steel Flooring Systems

Overpass systems with hanger rope

Pipe type overpass systems

Decorative type overpass systems

Prefabricated type overpass systems

Pedestrian Railing - Guardrail Systems
Traffic Signs and Board Systems
Steel Pedestrian Overpass Systems
Steel Construction Manufacturing Systems
Performance-based Guardrail

Guardrails are passive protective structures used to provide vehicle and pedestrian safety by the road side. Guardrails are designed according to the principle of keeping the vehicle safe in case of an accident and at the same time minimizing the loss of life and property. Our company manufactures all kinds of guardrail in accordance with the specifications of General Directorate of Highways.

Heavy Duty Guardrail

Heavy duty guardrails are especially designed for heavy vehicles. The sewing material used for this reason is thicker and wider and more durable.

Over Bridge Protective Guardrail Systems

It consists of 3 strip-stranded steel ropes pulled through steel piles, to provide road safety, especially in bridges and underpasses. Due to the flexibility of the system, vehicles impacted by steel-rope guardrails and vehicles suffer less damage.

Steel Rope Guardrail Systems
Especially, in the bridge and underpasses, the roped auto handrails which are used to provide road safety are called "Steel Rope Guardrail". Normally placed at a distance of 2 meters, the steel comes from three stranded cuffed steel ropes pulled over the dad. It is manufactured with steel rope barriers, steel ropes and fasteners which are of great importance for security in bridges, seashores and passages, and high corrosion resistance is provided by hot dip galvanizing.

All the elements constituting the steel rope autoclave are subject to galvanization as the last process after the cutting, drilling, forming and welding operations are completed. After assembly, cutting, drilling, welding etc. No action is taken to damage the galvanizing.

All necessary precautions should be taken to prevent the galvanized surfaces from being damaged and battered when the installation work of the Steel Car Racquets is done in the field.

  •     Bridge Type Double Direction Steel Wire Rope Guard System
  •     Bridge Type One Way Steel Wire Rope Guardrail System
  •     Shore Type One Way Steel Wire Rope Guard System
  •     Soil Ground Type One Way Steel Wire Rope Guardrail System
Concrete Barrier Systems
The face made of concrete and oriented towards the traffic flow is rigid road barriers that are shaped to turn the vehicles that hit this face back in the direction of the building. It is specially designed to reduce the damage caused by the impact of vehicles.

  • Highway type concrete guardrail
  • Landslide prevention concrete guardrail